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Download and setup Syncler APK. The Brand new TVZION fork.

TVzion was without doubt one of the best streaming apps of 2020. We now have Syncler APK which is the brand new TVZion fork to download.

TVZion was a VERY popular app. The recent news around the app shutting down has caused many users to find a TVZion alternative, and we have found the best one.

The good thing about TVZion is the integrations with services like Real Debrid and Premiumize. So when finding the best TVZion alternative, you want something that has similar features.

Well, there is a BRAND NEW streaming app on the scene, and those of you that loved TVZion will be excited to hear about it!

The new app is called Syncler.

Syncler APK screenshot

What is Syncler?

Syncler is a new streaming app that allows users to stream movies and shows for free.

Syncler is a fork of the popular streaming app ‘TVZion’.

Syncler has the same look and feel as TVZion but has 1 big difference – That is to use Syncler, you will need to install the scraper packages yourself.

Once you have installed the scrapers, you will gain access to 100s of different links to popular Movies and Shows, just like TVZion.

You can setup Syncler to scrape movies and shows for free, however we recommend using it with Premiumize for the best results.

By pairing Premiumize with Syncler, you will receive a lot more quality links which include 4K streams!

In addition to premiumize, you can also setup Syncler with Real Debrid, Trakt and All Debrid.

Keep reading to learn how to setup the Syncler Scrapers.

Before download Syncler APK

If you will be usingSyncler for streaming movies and shows, we recommend using a VPN. Why?…. Because it is easy for anyone to track your activity and location.

Your IP address is :

If we can locate your IP address, so can others!

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Best VPN for Kodi 2020

How to Download Syncler APK

Downloading Syncler APK is simple.

The download method is the same for Android TV boxes, Android Smartphones/tablets and the Amazon Firestick except some devices will use Chrome, some will use Downloader app.

Download Syncler APK on Android devices

This method will explain how to download Syncler APK on Android devices;

  • Open Chrome on Android
  • Navigate to this post ( )
  • Scroll down to the Download button below.
  • Continue to click download and install
  • done

Download Syncler APK on Amazon Firestick or Android TV OS (Nvidia Shield)

This method will explain how to download Syncler APK on Amazon Firestick or Fire TV Devices and Android TV OS including Nvidia Shield and Xiaomi Mi Box S;

  • Download and open the ‘Downloader’ App.
  • Use the URL bar to type in the following address ‘
  • Scroll down to the Download button below.
  • Continue to click download and install
  • done

Direct download link for Syncler APK

Here is the direct download link for Syncler APK;DOWNLOAD SYNCLER APK

Now we have downloaded the Syncler APK to our device, we will need to setup the scrapers.

Let’s move on to learn how to setup Syncler app.

How to setup Syncler Scrapers

Firstly, big thanks to Surgeon Turk who shared the links and guide in the LeeTV Discord. Join the LeeTV Discord for free and stay in the loop by using THIS LINK.

This guide will explain how to setup the Syncler scrapers on the new TVZion fork.

First join Syncler+ with this FREE promo

Syncler are currently in talks with the sellers of ZionClub to migrate members over. In the meantime, you can access Syncler+ for free which is simular to Zion Club.

First, when you open the Syncler app, on the menu to the left of the screen click on Syncler+.

Then click the ‘Enter Code‘ button and type in ‘S+

This will provide Syncler+ for now.

How to Enable Real Debrid, Premiumize & All Debrid in Syncler Android APK

  1. Launch the Syncler app
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Scroll down to Accounts.
  4. Click on Add Account beside either Real Debrid, Premiumize, or All Debrid. *We recommend Premiumize for higher quality links and more 4K content.
  5. Follow the prompt on the screen to visit the authorize page for the debrid service you are trying to activate. When you are done, click on Done in the Syncler Android app.

Setting up the Scrapers on Syncler APK.

The Syncler app supports Kosmos provider packages. This will explain how to import the providers (Scrapers) to the app to fix no links showing when resolving.

This is required in order to fix Syncler with ‘No links found’ errors.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-1024x558.png
  1. Launch the Syncler app.
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Select Provider Packages
  4. Click on Install Kosmos Express source provider package
  5. On your phone/tablet/pc, navigate to and enter the code you see on screen
  6. Copy this URL and paste in the URL box on the web page ‘
  7. Click DONE on both the webpage and Syncler app

After clicking next, the website will prompt you to click on ‘done’ from inside the Syncler app.

You should now be able to pull links in for Movies and Shows.

“No Links Found” Error Fixing Tips

Some users and devices are seeing “No Links Found” on every single title they try. First, make sure that the following is true:

  1. You’ve enabled Syncler+ (S+).
  2. You’ve added at least one Debrid provider – Check out Real-Debrid and Premiumize here.
  3. You’ve followed the instructions above to install Kosmos providers in the apk.

The developer has given a few steps to take to resolve this problem:

  1. Go to the App Store on your box and search for Android Webview and install the latest version.
  2. Delete all Kosmos providers and start by only installing one package.
  3. If you are using an Express package (JSON), it is extra important that you have Syncler+ enabled and Debrid added. Express packages only generate magnet links, which are powered through these debrid services.

Check out our tutorials for Kodi Addons or more Kodi Build guides like this!

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