How to Install Slamious Build 5.5 to Kodi

In this tutorial, you will learn how to install Slamious Build (5.5) to Kodi. The steps provided here work on FireStick, Android, Windows and more!

Slamious comes from the big catalog of Slamious Wizard. Even though Slamious Wizard has many builds, Slamious Kodi build clearly stands out. This thoughtfully designed build is perfect for not just the beginners but also the experienced users.

The build takes care of all your streaming needs through the top Kodi addons that come preinstalled with it. The user-friendly interface makes sure you never experience any difficulty while exploring and navigating the build. Almost everything you need is already available on the main-screen.

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How to Install Slamious Build to Kodi

You can follow the bellow tutorial to learn how to install Slamious build to Kodi. This will work with Kodi 18 and above.

Slamious will need to download and install a wizard to Kodi so you will first need to change some settings in Kodi to enable unknown sources.

To enable unknown sources from inside Kodi, follow this guide which will prepare you to install Slamious Build.

Now, we can move on to install Slamious Build to Kodi.

To install the build, you will need to first add the Slamious Repo to Kodi in order to download the wizard, and install the build.

What is Slamious Repo?

The Slamious Repo is a web address which hosts the wizard to install the Slamious Build to Kodi.

Slamious Repo address is :

Now we have the Slamious Repo address, we can move on to install Slamious Build to Kodi.

How to install Slamious Build on Kodi

#1: Access the Kodi Settings again

how to install slamious build on kodi

#2: Now go to the File manager and open it

slamious build for kodi

#3: Choose the option Add source on the next window (either side)

slamious kodi build

#4: Go ahead and click <None> on the following popup window

slamious build kodi

#5: When prompted, enter the following link in the designated area:

Click OK to proceed

kodi slamious build

#6: Now highlight the area where it asks you to enter the name for the media source. Type a name you can remember. You may enter slamious as I did

Click OK

slamious build on kodi

You have successfully added the source link. We get to the next part now: Install Slamious Wizard

#7: Now go back to the Kodi Settings and click Add-ons

Note: If you still use Kodi 17.6, go to the home screen and click Add-ons, followed by the open box icon in the upper left corner

slamious build on kodi

#8: Open the option Install from zip file

how to install slamious build on kodi

#9: Go ahead and click slamious or the name that you chose earlier

slamious build on kodi

#10: You should now see a zip file on this screen. Click it. It is named Slamious

how to get slamious build on kodi

#11: Wait for the Slamious Repo Add-on installed message. It is displayed in the top-right corner.

slamious build installation guide

#12: Now, click Install from repository

#13: Click Slamious Repo

slamious build installation guide

#14: Click Program add-ons

how to install slamious build on kodi

#15: Open Slamious Wizard

slamious kodi build

#16: Click Install

download slamious build on kodi

#17: Wait for the Slamious Wizard Add-on installed message

steps to install slamious build on kodi

#18: Click Dismiss when this prompt is displayed

slamious kodi build

#19: You may now see a popup window with a set of Settings. Click Continue.

steps for slamious build on kodi

#20: Now, you see this popup. Click Build Menu and start installing Slamious Kodi build (skip to Step 23).

However, if you clicked Ignore and now need to access the Slamious build menu, follow the next two steps

kodi slamious build

#21: Go to the Kodi home-screen and navigate to Add-ons > Program add-ons. Here, you will find the Slamious wizard. Click it!

slamious build on kodi

#22: Next, click Builds

slamious build on kodi

#23: Now, here is the Slamious Build Menu for you. Click the Slamious build

how to install slamious build on kodi

#24: You need to choose between Fresh Install and Standard Install

Fresh Install is always my personal choice because I believe any build works better when it is installed from scratch on Kodi

slamious build for Kodi

#25: If you chose Fresh Install, Kodi will confirm whether you wish to go ahead with your choice. Click Continue for your consent

slamious kodi build

#26: The Slamious Wizard will first quickly wipe Kodi clean and then start downloading the Slamious Kodi Build. This usually takes two to three minutes. However, it may vary depending upon your network connection and device specs

download slamious build on kodi

#27: Once the installation is finished, you will be asked if you wish to install any Slamious Kodi build theme. While writing this guide, there are 2 themes. You may go ahead with Install Theme or you may skip this step and install the theme later. I choose the latter.

Click Cancel Themes

installing slamious build on kodi

#28: Now click Force Close when prompted

force close kodi

That’s it – You have just installed Slamious Build to Kodi

Slamious Build for Kodi Overview

It may take a few minutes to download all the thumbnails etc, so on first boot, give it some time for the addons to update and download the thumbnails for the build – This may take longer on devices such as the Amazon Firestick.

In terms of what you can expect to find in Slamious Build, you will see access to the below categories, which makes this Kodi build a great all in one choice.

  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • Live TV
  • Sports
  • Kids
  • Music

The Slamious Build is easy to navigate, with access to the above categories across one ‘easy to use’ nav bar. You can navigate using the navigation arrows on your remote control, and enter each category with the OK button.

Overall, the build is relatively low in size making it a great choice for low performing devices, and provides an easy to navigate user experience, with access to the best Kodi addons, providing the best content available!

We recommend installing Slamious Build to Kodi if you haven’t yet tried it, and let us know your favorite build in the comments below!

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