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IPTV not working? Here are the reasons why and how to fix it

Having issues with IPTV not working? Here are the reasons why IPTV Smarters is not working and how to fix any IPTV block.

No doubt, over the last few weeks, you may have found an increasing amount of problems when it comes to IPTV.

In this post we will cover all the reasons why you might be having issues with IPTV not working and all the possible fixes to solve the problem.

As you may or may not know, a while back, there was a crackdown on the most popular service that allows IPTV services to sell to its users. The service is called X-Stream Codes.

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Since they were targetted, many IPTV looked to change the way their service processes work, and since then, many users have found them selves with more issues than normal.

Alongside this, there are some big legal changes that include ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) being forced to block servers and streams that are broadcasting illegally.

This means that you may have an IPTV block in place on your home network, by your ISP, which is another reason why yout IPTV may not be working.

IPTV Not working

If your IPTV service is not working, there are a few things we can try, which I will cover in this post.

The reason your IPTV may not be working, could also be down to your provider.

Either Way, we will cover it in this post.

With all the reasons listed below. If you are able to connect to your IPTV service but you face buffering issues, there are many factors that should be considered.

Again, we will cover this down below.

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Is your IPTV down?

Before running into the solutions below, is maybe worth understanding why your IPTV service is down.

First, reach out to your service provider and ask if the IPTV service is down.

If their IPTV is down, they may share updates or reasons behind it. Maybe they are running maintenance, or updating the servers/apps.

IPTV down Solution

Even though there is a HUGE crackdown with IPTV, there may be legitimate reasons behind the IPTV going down or offline. This may reason in you being unable to connect to your IPTV service.

Always check with your provider in the first instance.

Is your IPTV is blocked?

There is a high chance your IPTV service could be blocked by your ISP. Infact, this is the most common issue.

Every year, court orders are being produced, to give rightsholders, such as the Premier League, to force Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) to block illegal streams of their broadcasts.

IPTV services are now being targeted by ISP’s following the court order to block the IP addresses of the streams which will result in you not being able to play the live TV channels due to the IPTV block.

This is common with sports streams.

IPTV Blocked solution

The only solution to bypass the IPTV block by ISP is by using a VPN.

A VPN will prevent your ISP from monitoring your activity as your connection will be filtered through the encrypted service offered by the VPN provider.

Using a VPN will allow you to bypass any IPTV block and will stop logs from both your ISP and your IPTV provider, which also results in streaming anonymously.

This will make your streaming activity safe and secure from any spying eyes.

Using a VPN will also hide your IP address by providing you with a ‘dummy’ IP.

Exposing your IP address

Your IP address is :

If we can track your IP address, so can anyone else! Use a VPN to hide it today.

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How to fix IPTV issues

Ok, so now we have covered the basics.

Let’s get into some general Q+A around the reasons why your IPTV is not working, and how to fix IPTV blocking issues.

IPTV not working Questions and Answers

My IPTV service says ‘Unable to connect’ or ‘Connection Failed’

There are a few things to check here and many things that could play factor. Here are some common resolutions;

1 – Make sure the device is connected to the internet
2 – Make sure your VPN is enabled to bypass any ISP block
3 – Make sure your IPTV app is up to date by checking for updates with your provider
4 – Make sure your IPTV service is not offline by checking for service updates from your provider
5 – Check that your IP is not blocked with your provider from exceeding the max lines you have with your account. (Do not share your account login).

My IPTV service is buffering or glitchy?

This is the biggest issue and most common problem with IPTV services. There are also different factors that affect this. Here are some reasons whys it may be buffering, and what can be done to help.

1 – Internet Speed : Is your internet speed sufficient to stream?
2 – Device Performance : Are you running an old device that is slow? Consider upgrading.
3 – Service Quality : Is your IPTV service offering a good quality? Are there other people complaining? If so, consider a new provider
4 – Peak Times : Traffic increases at peak times, if the issues are around here, your provider should be looking to upgrade their server performance
5 – Overheating : Is your device overheating? Try rebooting your device or letting it cool / provide more space for air flow
6 – Video Player : Are you using a third party media player app? Try changing the media player.

My IPTV is not working and I cannot find a website/social page?

It is not common for IPTV services to shutdown and run off, without any word, or update. Check that there are no social pages, or websites to contact the provider.

If you are unable to find a means of contact, it may be worth switching to a service that offers better support. Telegram is a popular choice for support, try searching for your service on telegram.

If you do not find anything, or find posts about the service being shutdown, we recommend cancelling your direct payment method and switching service.

My IPTV Service is working but I cannot watch Sport Streams?

This is because the Premier League is working with ISP’s to block streaming of their content.

To bypass ISP blocks you will need to use a VPN

My IPTV app fails to load, or presents an error?

If this is not associated with any of the above answers, it could be because the actual app is offline, or undergoing an update.

Try download IPTV Smarters, or another media player app that will allow you to connect to your service.

Try our Downloads page for another app.

IPTV not working summary

As you can tell from the above, there are too many variables that could play a factor in the reason why your IPTV is down or not working.

IPTV is impacted by multiple factors including service, speed, device, traffic, app, internet, it is extremely difficult to pin point the issue.

We recommend checking around the internet, Reddit, Telegram and social pages for service updates in the first instance, and reach out to your IPTV provider if the issues persist.

If this post helped you in anyway, please help us by sharing the post around your social pages.


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