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How to Install Death From Above Addon to Kodi

In this tutorial, you will learn how to install the Death from Above addon to Kodi. The steps provided in this Kodi tutorial will work on ANY Device!

Death from Above addon is an offering from Falcon, which is a well-known team of Kodi addon developers. They have contributed some high-quality addons to the Kodi community. The team has primarily focussed on on-demand content, they also have Kids and Sports content.

To get the most of out this addon, and to get more access to a HUGE amount of 1080p and 4K links, we recommend integrating Premiumize to Kodi. It can also be used with different apps like TVZion, and will also stop buffering!

how to install death from above addon to kodi

Death From Above is a relatively new addon that brings together all the existing Falcon addons together. This means that Death from Above does not offer any content of its own, but puts together all the Falcon addons in one basket for your quick and easy access. I like such arrangements as I don’t have to install addons individually. Time and effort saved!

I will take you through the detailed and step-by-step instructions to install this addon on Kodi. Keep reading!

Update: You may run into ‘Failed to Install Addon from Zip File’ error while installing this addon. In that case, you may want to try one of the other video addons from our list of Best Kodi Addons. 

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How to Install Death from Above Addon to Kodi

You can follow the bellow tutorial to learn how to install Death from Above to Kodi. This will work with Kodi 18 and above.

You will first need to change some settings in Kodi to enable unknown sources to install Death from Above.

To enable unknown sources from inside Kodi, follow this guide which will prepare you to install the addon.

Now, we can move on to install Death from Above to Kodi.

To install the addon, you will need to first add the Death from Above Repo to Kodi in order to download the wizard, and install the build.

What is the Death from Above Repo?

The Death from Above Repo is a web address which hosts the wizard to install the addon to Kodi.

Death From Above Repo address is :

Now we have the Death from Above address, we can move on to install addon to Kodi.

How to install Death from Above on Kodi

Step by Step ‘Death From Above’ Installation Process

Death from Above is easy to install. Just make sure you follow each step given below carefully and in the right order as laid out:

#1 Go back to the Kodi home-screen and again click Settings or the cog icon

how to download death from above kodi addon

#2 Now click File manager when you see the following set of options

#3 Click the option Add source on the following screen (either on left or right)

#4 Click <Noneon the window that will pop up next

#5 You should now see an onscreen keyboard. Go ahead and enter the following URL:

Type the URL carefully and click OK

kodi death from above

#6 Type the source name in the designated field. You may choose any name you like. However, keep it relevant to the source you have added.

I am picking the name AJ

Click OK to go to the next step

#7 Go back to the Kodi home-screen

#8 Click Add-ons on the menu on the left

#9 Click the icon in the top left corner that appears like an open-box. It is more popularly referred to as Package Installer

death from above kodi addon

#10 Go ahead and click Install from zip file on the following screen

#11 You will find the source name that you added earlier. Click it.

For instance, I picked the name AJ and that’s what I am clicking

#12 You should now see a bunch of zip files on this screen. Click 

#13 The addon will now begin to install. It may take 3-4 minutes since Death from Above is not a single addon; it is a collection of many addons.

You will not see any installation progress on the Kodi screen. It will take place in the background. It may seem nothing is happening, but do wait until you see the notification on the top right saying Death from Above Add-on installed

That’s it – you now have Death from Above installed to Kodi!

Death from Above for Kodi Overview

Overall, the Death from Above addon is great! it provides tonnes of access to a huge library of content, including sports and kids content!

In terms of what you can expect to find in Death from Above, you will see access to the below categories, which makes this Kodi build a great all in one choice.

  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • Live TV
  • Sports
  • Kids
  • Music

To improve the overall experience of using addons, to stop buffering, and get access to tonnes of 4K links on Kodi, you can integrate Premiumize to Kodi

We recommend installing Death from Above addon to Kodi if you haven’t yet tried it, and let us know your favorite build in the comments below!

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